A biography of mary breckinridge and the importance of her contribution to nursing and healthcare

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Like Mary Breckenridge herself, it is ahead of its time in providing user-friendly, comprehensive care for those least able to access it. Eventually Mary Breckenridge fell from her horse, rendering her unable to make house calls, but she stayed active as the leader of.

Early Life of Mary Breckinridge Mary Carson Breckinridge, the second of four children, was born in to a wealthy southern family in Memphis, Tennessee.

10 Most Famous Nurses in History

Her family was very influential in the government; her grandfather was the Vice-President of the United States under President Buchanan, and her father was a congressman and the U.S.

Ambassador to Russia. Mary Breckinridge ( - ) and maintaining dignity and the highest quality of life as the developmental task of saying good-bye was addressed.

Mary Breckenridge

If you would like to submit a nursing pioneer biography for us to consider posting, please contact us at [email protected] Early life. Born in the town of Hampden, Maine, she grew up first in Worcester, unavocenorthernalabama.com was the first child of three born to Joseph Dix and Mary Bigelow, who had deep ancestral roots in Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Her father was an itinerant worker as a Methodist preacher. An aristocratic woman who found her calling in nursing, Mary Breckinridge established Kentucky’s pioneering Frontier Nursing Service and today is known as the founder of American nurse-midwifery.

Mary Breckinridge was born in Memphis, Tenn., to one of America’s most illustrious families. Mary Breckinridge, born in to an influential Kentucky family, enjoyed a privileged childhood and education in the U.S.

and Europe. Her father was the U.S. ambassador to .

A biography of mary breckinridge and the importance of her contribution to nursing and healthcare
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