A comparison between modern day characters and three characters in geoffrey chaucers the canterbury

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What three modern-day characters might Chaucer include in his tales and why?

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There was much more inventive in the fourteenth century of having a disappointing feeling about The People. Inspired by one of the English language's seminal works, 24 modern-day pilgrims – including two from China and one from Bermuda – braved piercing April 'shoures' to undertake a full-scale re-enactment Chaucer's masterpiece, acting out the tales as they travelled on foot to Canterbury in aid of the National Literacy Trust.

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales 2012 – a multimedia pilgrimage

Some of the modern people who may inhabit the character of the wife of bath include Hollywood star, Elizabeth Taylor who has been married eight times.

She, like the wife of bath is a worldly woman. Her career as an actress has seen her don various characters in movies and television shows and interact with many diverse people. The Canterbury Tales: Applying Chaucer's Criticism to Modern Society It is not hard to apply Chaucer's description of the greedy doctor to today's medical system, nor is it difficult to find modern-day people with equivalent personalities to those of many of Chaucer's other characters.

A Comparison between Modern-Day Characters and Three Characters in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales: The Parson, the Summoner, and the Doctor.


A list of all the characters in The Canterbury Tales. The The Canterbury Tales characters covered include: The Narrator, The Knight, The Wife of Bath, The Pardoner. The Tale of the Pardoner in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - A Look at the Pardoner: the Genius of Chaucer The Canterbury Tales is a literary masterpiece in which the brilliant author Geoffrey Chaucer sought out to accomplish various goals.

A comparison between modern day characters and three characters in geoffrey chaucers the canterbury
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