A debate falling on the comparison between human and non human clone experimentation

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12 Disadvantages and Advantages of Human Cloning

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Animal clones: Double trouble?

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Dr. Richard Seed, an American geneticist, claimed he would be able to clone human beings within a year. For example, it took just over tests before the scientists can create the first clone.

Moreover, the theory of naturalism ethics, methods of cloning are not the result of an action according to the order of nature, in other words, cloning is not consistent with human nature, because is not natural for humans to. Gene cloning is the most common type of cloning done by researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI).

NHGRI researchers have not cloned any mammals and NHGRI does not clone humans. Top of page. How are genes cloned? Researchers routinely use cloning techniques to make copies of genes that they wish to study.

Nonhuman animal (“animal”) experimentation is typically defended by arguments that it is reliable, that animals provide sufficiently good models of human biology and diseases to yield relevant information, and that, consequently, its use provides major human health benefits.

Personally, I think Human Experimentation should be legalized. It allows for use to test our knowledge of Medial and Scientific achievements and progress, as well as perfect our Sciences in many fields.

MISCONCEPTION: The Hatch and Feinstein bills would “ban human cloning” or “ban the cloning of human beings.” REALITY: The Hatch and Feinstein bills do not ban human cloning. They ban transferring a cloned human embryo “into a uterus or the functional equivalent of a uterus” (the “functional equivalent” term is not defined), an act to which criminal penalties are attached.

A debate falling on the comparison between human and non human clone experimentation
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Human Cloning Legislation in Congress: Misconceptions and Realities | National Right to Life