A description of by boccaccio a frame story written in the mid fourteenth century

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The Decameron

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14th century

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The Decameron, by Boccaccio, is a frame story written in the mid fourteenth century. There are a hundred stories told over a span of ten days.

On the second day, a man tells a story about a princess, Alatiel, who was sent away to marry a king. As a means of recording the passage of time, the 14th century was the century lasting from January 1,to December 31, Political and natural disasters ravaged both Europe and the four khanates of the Mongol Empire.

The Decameron is a collection of novellas by the 14th-century Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio (–). The book is structured as a frame story containing tales told by a group of seven young women and three young men sheltering in a secluded villa just outside Florence to escape the Black Death, which was afflicting the city/5.

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Infected fleas that attached themselves to rats and then to humans spread this bubonic type of the plague. Plot In the mid-fourteenth century, Boccaccio seeks his true love, the recently widowed Fiametta (Joan Fontaine), and finds that she has fled Florence, plague-ridden and being sacked by an invading army, for a villa in the countryside with several female companions.

By the mid-fourteenth century, however, the courtly world of lords and ladies and their highly stylized codes of conduct in love and war (to some extent already the product of literary artifice) must have seemed ever more remote to Boccaccio’s middle-class readers in their new urban reality.

A description of by boccaccio a frame story written in the mid fourteenth century
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