An analysis of the ethical and societal implications of psychosurgery

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We at Hospice Patients Alliance are grateful for permission to post Prof. Irving's article here. ethical implications of psychosurgery The second major issue that has undoubtedly focused ethical attention on psychosurgery is the matter of irreversibility.

A National Institutes of Health and Dana Foundation–sponsored consensus conference, “Deep Brain Stimulation for Disorders of Mood, Behavior and Thought: Scientific and Ethical Issues,” which was held in autumnexplored concerns relating to the study of deep brain stimulation (DBS) as a potential treatment for disorders of mood, behavior and thought (MBT).

In attempting to derive ethical principles to guide professional conduct, behavior therapists have been concerned with both “voluntary” and “involuntary” clients. The former, very broadly, are those with a range of nonpsychotic problems, ranging from specific phobias to sexual difficulties.

contributions of seven nominated societal, ethical and other factors to the genesis and demise of the ANP, and consider implications of the history of the ANP for the future of neurosurgery for psychiatric disorders (NPD) in New South Wales (NSW) and elsewhere.

Enhancement, ethics and society: towards an empirical research agenda for the medical attention to issues associated with ‘enhancement’; specifically, the appropriate use and regulation of and psychosurgery will surely colour how such emerging techni.

An analysis of the ethical and societal implications of psychosurgery
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