An analysis of the ethnic stratification and the common cultural or physical characteristics

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Developmental Characteristics of Young Adolescents

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Critical Race Theory

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18 percent, the Ijaw with 10 percent, the Kanuri with 4 percent, the Ibibio with percent, and the Tiv with percent. Major urban centers include Lagos, Ibidan, Kaduna, Kano, and Port Harcourt. racialization - is the social process by which certain groups of people are singled out for unique treatment on the basis of real or imagined physical characteristics == conferring a racial meaning to events and/or investing people with biologically determined attributes.

Global stratification refers to the hierarchical arrangement of individuals and groups in societies around the world.

SOCIAL DIFFERENCE Race and Ethnicity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Sociologists speak of stratification in terms of socioeconomic status (SES). Socioeconomic status is a measure of a person’s position in a class structure.

Ethnicity is used to categorize on the basis of cultural characteristics such as shared language, ancestry, religious traditions, dietary preferences, and history. Although ethnic groups can share a range of phenotypic characteristics due to their shared ancestry, the term is typically used to highlight cultural and social characteristics.

Social differentiation

Ethnicity and Stratification. Introduction The issue of ethnicity and stratification is of importance in Canadian society because it addresses the relationship between ethnic and racial stratification.

An analysis of the ethnic stratification and the common cultural or physical characteristics
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