An analysis of the use of living animals and the medical problems in contrast to the animal activist

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Why Animals are Used

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Animal Rights vs. Human Rights

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The best definition of animal welfare or animal rights embraces the concept of dignity: it means according to animals the natural dignity which is their due as living sentient creatures. Another phrase which requires defining is 'public attitudes'. You can use utilitarianism to argue either way on a moral issue, such as either to abolish animal suffering or to inflict it.

You might say that the suffering and death of billions of food animals outweighs the enjoyment of the millions of people who eat animals. Animal rights, by contrast, says that humans have no right to kill or use animals at all, even for food or important medical research.

A more troubling question is whether the “animal-rights” philosophy itself may inevitably lead to more aggressive behaviour. To use cloning, with all of the animal suffering that it entails, to further commodify animals and make them mere machines of manufacture is a major affront to animal welfare.

Problems with Animal Research

26 FDA Risk Assessment. - Abstract: For centuries, the use of animal experimentation in the biomedical field has been questioned ethically. Do the benefits of animals used in research outweigh the pain that the animals endure.

Animal rights activist will argue that there are new alternatives that are more accurate than animal testing. Europe, on the other hand, has some of the strictest animal protection laws in the world, including the U.K.'s Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act and the EU's Directive 86//EEC on the.

An analysis of the use of living animals and the medical problems in contrast to the animal activist
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