An introduction to the world of autism and why vaccinations dont cause the mental condition

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Study: Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

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What Causes Autism? Here Are the Possible Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors

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Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

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In order to counter allegations that vaccines could cause autism, it is both useful and informative to have access to some key recent scientific literature.

Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism — So What Does?

Prof. Peter Hotez MD PhD is professor of pediatrics and molecular virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, where is also Texas Children’s Hospital Endowed Chair in Tropical Pediatrics, and Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine.

Apr 19,  · The vaccine scare originally started when there was a report in on how the MMR vaccine can cause autism, which was later dismissed as false (Rao). The MMR vaccine is a vaccine that is used to protect against measles and mumps.

Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

The conversation gets shortened to simply “vaccines don’t cause autism.” I cringe to admit it now, but I was once part of that problem. As Julia and I say over and over again on this site, language matters, and I didn’t realize how much my comments could have hurt some people. There Is NO Scientific Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism A much-talked-about report from the s claimed there may be a link between certain vaccinations given during infancy and autism.

Feb 12,  · Autism. The autism spectrum disorders are developmental disabilities, which debut during childhood. Their clinical presentation is characterized by disorders in social and communication relationships with others and by repetitive, stereotyped behaviors.

Although the causes of autism are not yet fully understood, it is certain that genetic factors are involved.

An introduction to the world of autism and why vaccinations dont cause the mental condition
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Vaccines do not cause autism | Psychology Today