Analysing eminent domain and the right to privacy

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Landowner Rights under Eminent Domain Laws

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Eminent domain—the confiscation of private property for public use—seems to many people a necessary qualification of a person’s right to own and retain property in land (especially with “due compensation”) to enable roads and air terminals to be built and scenic land to be preserved. See also: dominion eminent domain (US) the power of the state to compulsorily purchase land.

EMINENT DOMAIN. The right which people or government retain over the estates of individuals, to resume the same for public use. It is also possible to bring an eminent domain action to obtain an easement or right of way.

Eminent domain in the United States

For example, a utility company may obtain an easement over private land install and maintain power lines. The property owner remains free to use the property for any purpose that does interfere with the right of way or easement. Eminent Domain: (law) the right of the state to take private property for public use.

The “taking” of the Avra Valley private property for a road is clearly constitutionally permissible given Duhamel`s analysis because “taking” private property for a road is clearly taking it. In Mesa, Arizona, eminent domain was used by the city to promote downtown redevelopment.

A detailed analysis of city procedures involving a redevelopment project intended to encourage the expansion of a local hardware store revealed: Eminent domain was a tool of first resort, not last resort. Right of eminent domain synonyms, Right of eminent domain pronunciation, Right of eminent domain translation, English dictionary definition of Right of eminent domain.

that superior dominion of the sovereign power over all the property within the state, including that previously granted by itself, which authorizes it to.

Analysing eminent domain and the right to privacy
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