Changes and continuities essay on the silk trade route from 500bce 1450 ce

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During the period of time between B.C.E. and C.E., the silk road underwent many subtle transformations while at the same time holding on to its original purpose.

The trade of spices and. Changes in trade networks resulted from and stimulated increasing productive capacity, with important implications for social and gender structures and environmental processes. Productivity rose in both agriculture and industry.

Both the Indian Ocean Trade and the Silk Road were disrupted by major migrations during this period, but both recovered and eventually thrived. Between and CE, two major empires emerged in West Africa, just south of the Sahara Desert: DEMOGRAPHIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES. The era from to C.E.

was a time when. UNIT I: FOUNDATIONS ( BCE TO CE) Of all the time periods covered in the AP World History curriculum, The Silk Road - This overland route extended from western China, across Central Asia, and finally to the Mediterranean area. Chinese silk was the most desired commodity, but the Chinese were willing to trade it for other goods.

Changes and Continuities on the Silk Road

In addition to the gold trade, historians have pointed to a second important factor in the development of these West African Kingdoms. This was the use of iron.

Gender Roles and Artistic Expression: c. 600 BCE - 600 CE

The use of iron to make tools and weapons helped some people to expand their control over neighboring people. Cities such as Samarkand, Merv, Khotan, and Dunhuang that became centers of trans-Eurasian trade.

Changes and continuities essay on the silk trade route from 500bce 1450 ce
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East Asian History BC: China, Korea, Japan