Cornelius vanderbilt the master of railroads and shipping

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Cornelius Vanderbilt

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Morgan, American financier and industrial organizer, one of the world’s foremost financial figures during the two pre-World War I decades. He reorganized several major railroads and consolidated the U.S. Steel, International Harvester, and General Electric corporations.

Learn more about Morgan’s financial dealings. Vanderbilt started out running a ferry off Staten Island and went on to control shipping lines and railroads; he built Grand Central with his own money.

The canvas of his life is so large that giants like Jay Gould appear as bit characters/5(). Railroads remake New York. Trade and banking energized New York in the early s, drawing new businesses and people. Growth fueled prosperity. Alfred Nobel was the man who the Nobel Prize was named after and the holder of patents, including the invention of dynamite.

Learn more at Cornelius Vanderbilt - Patriarch of the Vanderbilt Family in America. American entrepreneur who made fortune in shipping and railroads. cousin 8 times removed on birthfather's maternal side. Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.

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Cornelius vanderbilt the master of railroads and shipping
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