Depression and anxiety in the heart transplant patient a case study

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Childhood Depression and Postpartum Psychiatric Depressive

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Transplant Nursing

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Unfortunately, several studies concerning affective disorders focus on psychiatric illness, especially depression, occurring after a heart disease, while the studies concerning anxiety disorders usually investigate the cardiac disease in anxiety patients.

Sep 18,  · Feelings of anxiety and depression can worsen cancer pain and make it harder to control. Each patient needs a personal plan to control cancer pain. Each person's diagnosis, cancer stage, response to pain, and personal likes and dislikes are different. We stratified results by study quality, method of diagnosis of depression and anxiety (ie, a structured, semi-structured, or clinical interview given by a trained researcher or health professional; a patient-reported scale; or those relying on medical records), and study setting.

Background: Anxiety and depression are common after heart transplantation. This study aimed to pilot test the feasibility of a clinical model of psychological care for heart transplant recipients.

Depression is a risk factor for heart disease, and in patients with heart disease, it is a risk factor for complications and death. Unfortunately, in the trials performed to date, treating depression in cardiac patients did not lead to lower rates of recurrent cardiovascular events or death.

Depression and anxiety in the heart transplant patient a case study
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