King blood and the history of the latin kings in new york city and chicago

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Latin Kings (gang)

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Latin Kings: Power Struggle In the Kingdom?

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Mar 30,  · This show takes a look at New York's Puerto Rican street gang The Latin Kings.

Nicolas Enriquez's photographs show inside the Latin Kings gang

They originally formed in Chicago but a chapter was formed in New York. This e. Latin Kings and Queens Information.

Scope: Primarily metropolitan areas throughout Connecticut, Chicago and New York.

Luis Felipe (murderer)

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Bloodline Latin kings are the same as Chicago Latin kings. Latin kings have different chapters in almost every city in the United States of America all chapters report to the motherland Chicago, Illinois.

Leadership. In the early s, to avoid imprisonment for his criminal activities in Chicago, Luis Felipe (a.k.a.

Historical Background to Greek Philosophy

King Blood) fled to New York. Soon after arriving in New York Felipe was arrested and Rivals: Folk Nation gangs, Surenos, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Tiny Rascal Gang. The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN, ALKN, LKN) is the largest and one of the most organized Hispanic street gangs in the United States of America, which has its roots dating back to the s in Chicago, Illinois.

Luis Felipe (born May 11, ), also known as "King Blood" is the founder of the New York chapter of the organized crime gang known as the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation. Born in Havana, Cuba, Felipe was a Cuban who came to the United States in the Mariel unavocenorthernalabama.comal status: Imprisoned at ADX Florence supermax prison Fremont County, Colorado.

King blood and the history of the latin kings in new york city and chicago
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