Life and work of the british playwright arnold wesker

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Harold Pinter

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Prolific British playwright Arnold Wesker dies at age 83

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Just as the visual arts exploded into a chaos of experiment and revolt, generating numerous styles and. Sir Arnold Wesker, the playwright, who has died aged 83, was, with John Osborne and Harold Pinter, one of the “angry young men” of the British post-war dramatic revival and its most literal.

Arnold Wesker: kitchen-sink dramatist – in pictures

Beowulf, the first great work of Germanic literature, mingles the legends of Scandinavia with the experience in England of Angles and Saxons. Another chance to hear the playwright Arnold Wesker, who died in April of this year, on the eve of his 80th birthday, looking back at his life and career with Matthew Sweet.

Matthew also talks to.

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Life and work of the british playwright arnold wesker
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