Locke ideology and the declaration of

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John Locke

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Locke's Political Philosophy First published Wed Nov 9, ; substantive revision Mon Jan 11, John Locke (–) is among the most influential political philosophers of the modern period. John Locke and Thomas Hobbes were known as social contract theorists as well as natural law theorists.

However, they are both completely different in terms of their stand and conclusions in several laws of nature.

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Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher from Malmesbury. He became famous when his book, "Leviathan,". Locke’s influence was most apparent in the Declaration of Independence, the constitutional separation of powers, and the Bill of Rights. Meanwhile, Voltaire had promoted Locke’s ideas in France.

Ideas about the separation of powers were expanded by Baron de Montesquieu. Analysis of The Declaration of Independence - What is the Declaration of Independence. The declaration of independence states that all individuals have inalienable rights, requiring life, liberty, and property, a document by which the thirteen colonies proclaimed their independence from Great Britain.

John Locke: John Locke, English philosopher whose works lie at the foundation of modern philosophical empiricism and political liberalism. The Declaration of Independence Seems to Echo Locke To dramatize further the intimate relationship, both in thought and in language, between Locke's writings and the Dec-laration, a juxtaposed examination of selections from both is re-vealing: The Declaration .

Locke ideology and the declaration of
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