Mystery and suspense in the pilots wife by anita shreve

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A novelist friend’s 7 favorite Shreve books

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The Fortune's Rocks Quartet

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THE FORTUNE'S ROCKS QUARTET collects four of Anita Shreve's most beloved novels-Fortune's Rocks, The Pilot's Wife, Sea Glass, and Body Surfing-for the first time.


The novels highlight Shreve's ability to illuminate women's lives across different eras and share a delightful detail: they are all set. The Pilot’s wife is a drama film directed by Robert Markowitz and starring Christine Lahti, Campbell Scott and Alison Cambell.

It was released in and is based on the book of the same name by Anita Shreve. The pilot's wife: a novel. [Anita Shreve] -- After a pilot dies in the crash of an airliner, his wife discovers he was a bigamist.

A face-to-face follows between the legal wife, Kathryn of Boston by whom he had one child, and the other woman. Anita Shreve is a insightful author. Her stories are always captivating.

The characters in The Pilot's Wife are wonderfully developed, and, as the reader, one becomes part of their life. When good things. Her nonfiction books included Remaking Motherhood and Women Together, Women Alone.

Her novels included Eden Close, Strange Fits of Passion, Where or When, Fortune's Rocks, Rescue, Stella Bain, and The Stars are Fire. Several of her books were made into movies including The Pilot's Wife, Resistance, and The Weight of Water/5(88).

The cottage on the New Hampshire coast that housed the protagonists of The Pilot's Wife () and Sea Glass () makes a poignant setting for Shreve's tale .

Mystery and suspense in the pilots wife by anita shreve
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