Outline the different forms of verbal and non verbal communication essay

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Nonverbal Communication

Exploring the Different Types of Non-Verbal Communication - Communication is an interactive process whereby people seek to induce some form of change in attitude, belief, or behavior.

(Moore, Hickson III and Stack,p. Intercultural communication in verbal communication faces difficulties when words have different meaning. When there is a cultural difference in conveying messages and interpretation dimensions between business partners, understanding of each other’s communication behaviour can be distorted and miscommunication.

The two major forms of verbal communication are written (or typed) and oral. The major type of nonverbal is body language, especially visual cues. Visual communication, such as using pictures, graphs and the like, is fast gaining ground either to reinforce or to replace written messages.

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Outline the different forms of verbal and non verbal communication essay
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Three Different Types of Communication: Verbal, Nonverbal & Visual