Social and cultural trends affecting the cereal

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Food consumption trends and drivers

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How Do Social Trends Affect Business?

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Social and cultural factors affecting business

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27 Stunning Cereal Industry Trends

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The more your business knows about the social trends that affect your community and your industry, the better you'll be able to target your marketing efforts and tailor your products to fit a shifting landscape.

Social Factors in Marketing That Influence Products

fashion trends, lifestyle, social media influence (blogging, etc) vs traditional media (press, tv, radio), dominant communication technology in social groups, participation in cultural events, willingness to pay for tickets, popular actors, music styles, design forms, etc.

creativity of people, relative population of local (folk) artists vs. global imported culture. Social Standards.

Social Factors in Marketing That Influence Products

Closely related to buying attitudes are social standards. These are the values and norms held by the community you market the product or services to.

You can assume that a potential customer is unlikely to buy something she does not identify with or feel she could get use out of. Cultural Shifts The society we live in and its culture dictate our personal values to a large degree, and these values are what drive our day to day decisions - including the types of products we buy, the places we go, and the services we use.

Sep 27,  · Trends and future projections of available food consumption for individual cereal categories are outlined in electronic supplementary material, tables S1 and S2. Globally, rice consumption (grams per capita per day) has seen negligible increases.

Social and cultural aspects in education, including education for sustainable development, play a significant role in defining trends of further development of people, society and the environment.

Social and cultural trends affecting the cereal
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