The controversial issue of whaling and the whale industry

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Debate: Whaling

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Whaling in Japan

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I took my first trip to Iceland back inexpecting to find a Scandinavian country with some cool scenery. And while I DID find those things in Iceland, I discovered that the country was full. The author's father was a whaler and in this book he historically details the history of whaling in the Pacific Northwest.

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This history centers around Ted Griffin who was the first man to swim and perform with a killer whale (a.k.a. orca) and was really the person who started our changing perception of the species.

Minke whale hunting ends in Iceland

Germany charges Iranian diplomat detained in bomb plot Assadollah Assadi suspected of giving a Belgium-based couple a pound of explosives to be used in attack on anti-Iranian regime rally in France. The whaling industry was initially supported by governments of whaling nations, then gradually regulated from with the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, and in with the creation of the International Whaling Commission, to conserve whale stocks.

Endangerment is a complex issue that involves the ecosystems where species live and interact together. Measures are being taken on specific issues of endangerment, but without protecting the environments where endangered species live, these efforts will be in vane.

A new study, published in Marine Policy, by Julia Bowett and Pete Hay, looks at the whaling controversy through the eyes of Japan’s youth. The article presents the results of a survey designed to determine the attitudes of young Japanese people towards whaling.

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The controversial issue of whaling and the whale industry
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Minke whale hunting ends in Iceland