The differences between american christmas traditions and france christmas traditions

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These French Christmas Traditions May Change the Way You Celebrate Big Holidays

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French Christmas traditions often highlight France's deep-rooted Catholicism. From a special meal on Christmas Eve, to the exchange of gifts, traditions vary across different regions of France and among different families. Depending upon which region of France you're in and your religious beliefs.

This year, my Christmas is going to be extra-special: My French family is making the trip to Chicago, and I can’t wait to bring some of our French traditions to our American table. Joyeux Noel!

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It\'s Christmastime!There\'s a festive spirit in the air, Christmas songs can be heard everywhere, and the weather just makes you feel like staying at home with some chocolat chaud.

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What does "Black Friday" mean and is it popular in France? This article in the form of an easy French English bilingual story takes a closer look at the vocabulary and French traditions for the huge American after Thanksgiving sale called "Black Friday" and the one held on the next Monday called.

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As I’ve grown up, I’ve come to realize how different Christmas is in my house in comparison with the less loud and boisterous American holiday. Some of the most puzzling differences in the two holiday traditions are.

The differences between american christmas traditions and france christmas traditions
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