The early and middle horizons in the andes

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Broadening Our Horizons: Towards an Interdisciplinary Prehistory of the Andes

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Andes Mountains

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Andes Mountains

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Early & middle horizons The so-called Early Horizon (– BC) was an era of architectural innovation and activity, which is most evident in the ruins of Chavín de Huantar, on the eastern slopes of the Andes in Peru.

In the Andes, in principle this entails that we should look to the Horizons, not the Intermediate Periods, as offering the most natural explanations for the major Quechua and Aymara dispersals. Spatially, the Andes region is generally divided into coast and highlands, with these subdivided into northern, central, and southern, yielding a total of six broad geographic zones.

Áspero The earliest evidence for the formation of complex societies in the Andes region dates to between and b.c.e.

along the Pacific coast. Archaeologists working in the Andes traditionally divide the cultural development of the Peruvian civilizations into 12 periods, from the Preceramic period (ca BC) through the Late Horizon and into the Spanish conquest ( CE).

This is a chart of cultural periods of Peru and the Andean Region developed by Edward Lanning and used by some archaeologists studying the area.

Early Chiripa, Kotosh culture, Cupisnique, Toríl Middle Horizon: AD –. The ancient history of South America's Andes mountains are traditionally divided into 12 periods, from preceramic until the Spanish conquest of Timeline of the Andean Cultures of South America Search the site GO.

The early and middle horizons in the andes
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