The economy of puerto rico and its close relationship with the united states

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Puerto Rico

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United States

Learn about the specifics of the Puerto Rican debt crisis and why economists disagree on how significantly it could affect the United States. How Does the Puerto Rican Debt Crisis Affect the US? Latest news and headlines affecting the United States economy.

One hundred years ago, Puerto Rico became a part of the United States in settlement of the Spanish-American War. Nineteen years later, the United States granted U.S. citizenship to the Island's inhabitants.

Using its authority under the "territorial" clause of the U.S.

How Does the Puerto Rican Debt Crisis Affect the US?

Constitution, Congress over. SincePuerto Rico’s relationship with the United States has encompassed all the aforementioned definitions, each with its own set of ever-changing rights and responsibilities.

Puerto Ricans in the United States

Are we confused yet? We’ll start at the beginning. THE END OF SPANISH COLONIAL RULE. Spanish colonial rule in Puerto Rico was many things. At first glance, Puerto Rico’s debt crisis appears unique.

Its economy has struggled more or less since the United States annexed the. Incidentally, nowhere in this analysis does @EconRivera include the operating costs of the United States Postal Service, or the Coast Guard, or the fact that Puerto Ricans have access to the vast capital pools that create cheap FHA mortgage loans, etc.

The economy of puerto rico and its close relationship with the united states
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