The effects of the jim crow laws on the lives of americans from the north and the south

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In the early s, African Americans in the South continued to face the injustices of Jim Crow and an economy that afforded them little possibility to thrive. 1 – Intro – briefly explain what life for Blacks was like in America after the Civil War, briefly explain the history behind Jim Crow Laws, then THESIS statement.

2- Explain what Jim Crow Laws were and how/where/why they originated. As a wave of oppressive laws washed over the post-Reconstruction South, in which African Americans were disfranchised and pushed out of various labor markets, blacks feared that the gains of Civil War emancipation had been lost.

Students will study segregation and Jim Crow laws, and the effect that they had on African Americans in Virginia after the Civil War and beyond. They will analyze several photographs and political cartoons, and answer several questions. Unit 6: New South. STUDY. PLAY.

New south.

Great Migration (African American)

Movement of the south toward industry. What was Georgia's first required JIM CROW LAW?

Great Migration

Blacks and whites must ride in separate train cars. The movement of African-Americans north to find jobs in factories. Jim Crow was a man who created laws, that affected many peoples lives during the s. These laws made it much harder for blacks mainly in the South, but then it.

How Did Jim Crow Laws Affect African-Americans? The effects of the jim crow laws on the lives of americans from the north and the south
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