The effects on europeans and native americans towards each other

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Native American disease and epidemics

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Answer. Interactions among Europeans and Native Americans varied from place to place, and members of each nation forged relationships with Indians in very different ways, depending on a variety of economic, social and political factors.

- The Effects of Colonization on the Native Americans Native Americans had inherited the land now called America and eventually their lives were destroyed due to European Colonization. When the Europeans arrived and settled, they changed the Native American way of life for the worst.

The culture of the Native American was inferior to the Europeans, in that they didn’t have the knowledge in science and the advance in weaponry that gave the European an advantage over them. “The white men despise and cheat the Indians” (Tecumseh ).

Between andNative Americans attempted to treat the disease with traditional medical treatments. For example, when the first smallpox epidemics coursed through North America, Northern Plains individuals attempted to use "drum and rattle" incantations to ease the. Such fact Columbus began to act aggressive towards Native Americans, enslaving and forcing them to look for gold.

After Columbus’ death inSpain would send more soldiers known as conquistadores to the American continent in order to find more wealth. Make a list of the exchanges that took place between Native Americans and Europeans.

Summarize Professor Richter’s opinions of the impact of these early encounters. Read the second page of Document #11 and at the same time review the .

The effects on europeans and native americans towards each other
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The Impact of European Diseases on Native Americans |