The language and people of switzerland

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Swiss German

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Ian Roberts offers a stimulating introduction to our greatest gift as a species: our capacity for articulate language. We are mostly as blissfully unaware of the intricacies of the structure of language as fish are of the water they swim in. Italian Switzerland (Italian: Svizzera italiana, Romansh: Svizra taliana, French: Suisse italienne, German: italienische Schweiz) is the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, which includes the canton of Ticino and the southern part of Graubünden.

Romansh, a Romance language of the Rhaetian group, is the only language specific to Switzerland except for two parent languages Switzerland spoken in southeastern Italy.

So for most immigrants the use of the official Swiss language of the region (German, French, Italian) is the only practical way to read product declarations in the supermarket, to stay informed about important events in Switzerland and to communicate when talking to native Swiss people or to immigrants from other countries.

Languages Spoken in Switzerland

Identification. Switzerland's name originates from Schwyz, one of the three founder cantons.

What Do People Speak in Switzerland?

The name Helvetia derives from a Celtic tribe called Helvetians that settled in the region in the second century B.C.

Switzerland is a federation of twenty-six states called cantons (six are considered half cantons). TEFL Jobs - Search the world's number one source for international English Language Teaching jobs | New jobs added daily in real-time | Search and apply in seconds via your browser or free App.

The language and people of switzerland
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Cantons of Switzerland