The life and legend of florence nightingale

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Florence Nightingale – The story behind the lady with the lamp

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Books: Florence Nightingale: The Woman and her Legend

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Florence Nightingale: The Courageous Life of the Legendary Nurse

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Florence Nightingale – The Woman and Her Legend Florence Nightingale – The Woman and Her Legend Mark Bostridge avoids hero worship, addressing Miss Nightingale’s life in full rather than concentrating merely on the Crimea.

Set within the social context of the 19th century, he explores every battle against conformity, and her conflicts with family, surgeons, politicians, society and the press. Florence Nightingale (middle) inwith her graduating class of nurses from St Thomas’ outside Claydon House, Buckinghamshire, photo credit The long-lasting legacy she left is illustrated through the Nightingale Pledge; taken by new nurses, this is a kind of modified version of the Hippocratic Oath.

W hen Florence Nightingale died, aged 90, ina female doctor signed the certificate that allowed the event to be recorded and registered.

Florence Nightingale

Inthe year of Nightingale's birth, there had been no female doctors, no systematic registration of births and deaths and no training institutions for nurses. Florence Nightingale is a heroic figure whose accomplishments in life are nothing less than inspiring.

She portrayed the compassion of women, and also showed her risky ambition by. The Florence Nightingale Lamp was carried by Florence Nightingale Scholar David Wright, and escorted by student nurses and midwives from Leicester De Montfort University. On arrival in the Sacrarium the Lamp was passed to Joanne McPeake, who passed it to Jennifer Tarver, to represent the transmission of knowledge.

The life and legend of florence nightingale
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