The preciousness of human life and the belief in god

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24 Pro-Life Bible Verses

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Living Life Fully Today Is An Opportunity for Growth

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The Preciousness of Human Life

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The same was in the introduction with God. Being Pro-Life is not a political issue but rather a God-issue. All life is valuable to Him. The verses below will show the value that God puts on life (even life of the unborn) and then show other verses and thoughts that show how Christians are charged with defending.

The Meaning of Life

Every life is precious to God. Every human life is distinctive from all other living things. So we have creation, reflection, and affection. Human life is precious to God and is to be valued for these reasons.

And then for a fourth and very important reason, redemption. Each human life is of inestimable value. We bear the image of God; and God, in Christ, bears ours.

The individual is of utmost importance in Christianity. The at-one-ness of our relationship with God through Christ is the great, transformative mystery that brings rest and healing to our hearts and order to our lives.

When God created the first man, He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (Genesis ), making man a living soul and giving to him spiritual life. Only humans are able to relate to God. Because God is the author of human life, it is precious. Whether the physical body has just started developing in a mother’s womb or is over years old and dying, human life.

Because Catholic theology has a stronger emphasis on the preciousness of each human life. Each person is created in God’s image; each one has a God-given beginning and an eternal destiny.

The preciousness of human life and the belief in god
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