Write a short note on fundamental rights and duties of constitution

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Brief Notes on the Fundamental Duties of the Indian Constitution

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Article 21 of The Constitution of India - The Expanding Horizons

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The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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Brief Notes on Fundamental Rights

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I identify some of the key stages of decentralizing most law-making at the unsung level in my statement on Federalism. Mar 20,  · [Note: The right to property was also one of the fundamental rights, according to the original Constitution.

This right was omitted by the 44th Amendment Act in December, It is now only a legal right.] FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES Duties of a citizen of India were not included in the original constitution.

Fundamental Rights is a charter of rights contained in the Constitution of India. It guarantees civil liberties such that all Indians can lead their lives in peace and harmony as citizens of India/5(43). The text of the Constitution has been updated to reflect changes made by the 22nd, 23rd and 24th Amendment Acts and is current as of this date.

January 7, Constitution (Twenty First Amendment) Act, is now in effect after Presidential assent. The text of the Constitution. Fundamental rights are those rights which are essential for the well being of a person.

Part III of the Indian Constitution contains the list of Fundamental Rights; that guarantees civil liberties to all the citizens of India to live in peace and harmony without the fear of being suppressed by others. Originally, constitution provided for 7 basic fundamental rights, now there is only six rights, one Right to property U/A 31 was deleted from the list of fundamental rights by 44 th amendment act It made a legal right U/A A in Part XII of the constitution.

Apart from these rights, the constitution also mentions some ‘Directive Principles of State Policy’, and a list of fundamental duties of Indian citizens To understand the fundamental rights it is necessary to know about the directive principles and the fundamental duties.

Write a short note on fundamental rights and duties of constitution
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